How It Works: XEvent Output and Visualization

Each and every day I use XEvent more and more as I uncover the powerful feature set.   I am finding it helpful to understand some of the input and output capabilities in order to leverage the power of XEvent. Server File Output When setting up an session to write to a file use per CPU…


How It Works: XEL Display in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Row Limit

This is a simple issue but if you don’t expect the behavior it can surprise you. The grid, used by SSMS, is limited to a maximum number of rows, that can be displayed, of 1 million.    Note:  There is no warning dialog or flashing toolbar. Shown in the figure below is the display vs event…


SQL Server 2012 - True Black Box Recorder

This would be a perfect time to post a blog talking about the new SQL Server 2012 features.  However, I am going to leave that activity to the marketing folks (AlwaysOn, T-SQL Enhancements, …).   I want to talk about something that might not appear on the top of a marketing or sales checklist but for…


SQL Denali - DReplay/XEProfiler or RML Utilities

  Many of you have used the RML utilities that Keith Elmore and I built and provided to the community on the download center.   One of the features of the RML utilities was the ability to do sophisticated replay operations.   I was queried about the new DReplay and thought this would make a nice post….