Version 9.04.0013 of the RML Utilities for x86 and x64 has been released to the download center









This build encompasses previous features, fixes and enhancements designed from recent case work. 


·         SQL Server 2014 compliant

·         SQL Server 2012 and 2014 XEL input to ReadTrace compliant (sample .XEL capture script shipped with help documentation) no need for .TRC anymore. (PSSDiag updates align with XEL capabilities as well)

·         Microsoft Azure SQL Server Database (formally WASD) connectivity compliant

·         OStress true replay of MARS connections

·         Addition of client (OStress Expressions) allowing client side Sleep, Repeats, Identity and Guid generation to craft additional scenarios

·         Tuned for larger memory and cpu systems

·         Updated compression libraries for formats such as RAR5

·         Enhanced TVP capabilities

·         Custom CLR Expression capabilities

·         Additional filtering options

·         Workarounds for some .XEL capture bugs such as invalid packet size captured in Existing Connection events

·         … and more …

Comments (1)

  1. David Jonsson says:


    I'm experience this:…/Getting-RML-to-work-on-Windows-81.aspx

    I'm running Win8.1, UAC disbled, Report Viewer 2008 SP1 (redist)

    This link (a potential fix) is now broken:…/DownloadDetails.aspx

    any tips for how to get the links in Reporter to work?

    //David – big RML fan, with a new OS 🙁

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