BISM: value of the ‘EffectiveUserName’ XML for Analysis property is not valid

I’ve been working with Power View reports and one of the items I was setting up was using a BISM Data source connecting to an Analysis Services Instance in Tabular Mode.  When I went to spin up a new Power View Report against the BISM Connection, I got the following error:


Within the details, we saw the following:

<Source>Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services</Source><Message>The 'HSGCONTOSO\asaxton' value of the 'EffectiveUserName' XML for Analysis property is not valid.</Message>

Of note, the asaxton account is a Domain Admin and is listed as a Server Administrator on the Analysis Services service, and is a Farm Administrator for the SharePoint Farm.

Searching Bing didn’t pull anything up specific to BISM for this error.  However, I stumbled across the following documentation.

Grant Analysis Services Administrative Permissions to Shared Service Applications

The Service account I was using for the PowerPivot Shared Service was the spservice account.  After adding that account to the AS Server Admins, the report came up without error.



Adam W. Saxton | Microsoft Escalation Services

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