AlwaysON – HADRON Learning Series – New DMVs

As I have been reviewing and learning about HADRON I have found a great wealth of information exposed in the DMVs.  I have pulled together a starting, entity relationship diagram and the HADRON PMs have been helping me refine it.  We continue to update it for changes but I thought you would find it helpful as well as you start to use HADRON.

WARNING:  The series is based on pre-release software so things could change but I will attempt to provide you with the best information I can! 


Bob Dorr - Principal SQL Server Escalation Engineer

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  1. DBATAG says:

    Thanks BOB

  2. Ian Stirk says:


    Nice article.

    You can discover a lot more about DMVs in this forthcoming book Chapter 1 can be downloaded for free and includes scripts for:

    A simple monitor

    Finding your slowest queries

    Find your missing indexes

    Identifying what SQL is running now

    Quickly find a cached plan



  3. PCG-SQLGuy says:

    Thanks Bob. Do you know if HADRON is also responsible for the new column – "RecoveryUnitID" in DBCC LOGINFO in Denali?

  4. psssql says:


    I am not sure about the new LOGINFO output.

  5. Rick Willemain says:

    simply wonderful depiction !!!

    Thank you !

  6. Rick Willemain says:

    I bought Mr. Stirk's book on DMV,, very much worth the money spent.

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