CSS once again comes to the SQL PASS Summit

I’m proud once again to be a part of our CSS team coming to the US SQL PASS Summit next week in Seattle. As in the past, our team will be speaking at a pre-conference seminar, main conference talks, and available to talk to you in person at the SQL Server Clinic.

Here is a list of the talks we will be giving:

Pre-Conference Seminar

Microsoft BI Deployment Lessons Learned
Mon 11/8 8:30am-4:30pm

Adam Saxton
Todd Carter
John Sirmon

If you want to learn more about how to deploy our BI technologies I think you will really get a lot out of this session. One of the things I believe that you really like in this session is how we cover Sharepoint. Sharepoint has become such a major part of the BI story and you won’t be disappointed in how our team of speakers will give you practical advice regarding Sharepoint integration.

Main Conference Talks

(DBA-226-M) Increasing Uptime by Managing SQL Server Configurations From the Cloud
Tues 11/9 10:15-11:30am 612
Paul Mestemaker
Bob Ward

Want to learn more about why I’ve been doing for the past 3 months (and not spending much time blogging). This talk covers it. Join myself and Paul Mestemaker for this session.

(BIA-399-A) SQLCAT: Configuring and Securing BI Applications in a SharePoint 2010 Environment
Wed 11/10 10:15-11:30am 602-604
Carl Rabeler
Adam Saxton

Adam Saxton from our team joins Carl Rabeler from the SQLCAT to talk about integration of our BI technologies with Sharepoint 2010.

(DBA-499-C) Kerberos, SQL and You
Wed 11/10 1:30-2:45pm 4C4
Adam Saxton

As a DBA, you would hope you don’t have to learn anything about Kerberos. Unfortunately, that is not true. Adam does a great job here of making the topic practical and to a level you can understand and apply to your environment

(BIA-388-C) Troubleshooting SSRS Performance
Wed 11/10 1:30-2:45pm 606-607
Evan Basalik

Evan Basalik is one of our engineers from the Charlotte, NC office. And one of the areas he spends a great deal of time on is SSRS. Trying to find out why your reports are not performing to your expectations is not a trivial task. So any developer or administrator deploying reports will walk away with tips they can use immediately in an SSRS environment.

(DBA-599-C) Inside SQL Server Latches
Wed 11/10 4:30-6pm 2AB
Bob Ward

This year I asked some of our MVPs what kind of deep internal session they wanted me to present on. And Inside SQL Server latches was by far the #1 vote. So you asked for it, and you go it. This is not for the timid. I’m sure a Windows Debugger session will pop-up at some time in the talk so consider yourself warned.  Latches are not something you want to have to worry about but that is not reality. So I do think you will walk away with a better understanding of how they can affect your application and operation of SQL Server.

SQL Server Clinic

Last year may have been the best I’ve seen in our interaction with customers. We partnered with SQLCAT last year and we are doing it again this year. This is a very unique opportunity I don’t think attendees know exists. In the clinic you will meet some of our top CSS engineers along with the top SQLCAT architects. Have a question about architecture and design, you can talk to SQLCAT. Having a problem with SQL Server or a question you don’t know, you can chat with CSS. So bring on your laptops so we can debug your problems live. In addition to our speakers listed above, Suresh Kandoth, John Gose, and other CSS engineers will be staffing the clinic in room 611. We open right after the keynote and generally wrap-up each day around 6pm. We are there Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

I look forward to this conference every year. It is a unique opportunity to meet customers face to face. I hope to see many of you there I’ve met over the years and new ones I’ve yet to meet. Please don’t hesitate to stop me during the conference and just chat about your experiences with SQL Server or CSS.

See you in Seattle.

Bob Ward


Comments (3)

  1. Adam Machanic says:

    Can't wait for the latch session, Bob!

  2. NULLgarity says:

    That's worth the price of admission right there!

  3. SQLKID says:

    Bob it would be great if you couold create a blog on the latches.

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