PRB: RML Utilities – OStress QryBindColumnStorage: unknown/unhandled SQL datatype


During OStress replay you encounter an error like the following and processing stops:

07/21/09 08:05:39.697 [0x00001C0C] QryBindColumnStorage: unknown/unhandled SQL datatype (-152), column number 25 (YourColumn)

07/21/09 08:05:40.697 [0x00001C0C] [spid 75] Encountered previous error condition, processing stopping for file C:Program FilesMicrosoft CorporationRMLUtilsMyReplay.sql

07/21/09 08:05:40.697 [0x00001C0C] [spid 75] Connection Summary (trace-time spid -99)

Additionally the column that is referenced at the end of the message is of XML datatype.


More Information

A fix is available for this issue.  To request the fix, please email the alias documented in the "Problems and Assistance" section of the RML Help file.  Please also attach the readtrace.log and indicate the applicable hardware platform (X86 or X64).

Sarah Henwood | Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Services

Comments (1)

  1. Rose balan says:

    Just change the file type into ANSI or UNICODE then it will work.

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