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The Microsoft SQL Server support team uses several internally-written utilities to make it easier to work on a typical customer support case. These utilities may also be useful to database developers and system administrators who work with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005.  The utilities are collectively called the RML Utilities for SQL Server.


With the RML Utilities you can answer questions such as the following:


·         Which application, database or login is consuming the most resources, and which queries are responsible for that.

·         Whether there were any plan changes for a batch during the time when the trace was captured and how each of those plans performed.

·         What queries are running slower in today's data as compared to a previous set of data.


You can also test how the system will behave with some change (different service pack or hot fix build, changing a stored procedure or function, modifying or adding indexes, and so forth) by using the provided tools to replay the trace files against another instance of SQL Server.  If you capture trace during this replay you can use the tools to directly compare to the original baseline capture.


This release of the utilities supersedes the previous version, as described in KB 887057.  The previous release continues to be available to customers who do not have SQL Server 2005.  This release supports SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2000 trace file formats and should be used any time you have SQL Server 2005 in your environment.  This release contains important bug fixes, new features and performance enhancements over the prior release.


·         Supports SQL 2000 and SQL Server 2005

·         Quick Start Guide

·         Updated and Advanced Help Documentation

·         Stress Testing

·         Replay Capabilities

·         SQL Server Upgrade Assistance

·         Advanced Reporting and Performance Analysis


The utilities are useful for simulating application testing where using the real application is impractical or impossible.  For example, it may be difficult to generate the same user load in the test environment as you see in production.  You can capture another set of traces while performing the replay and compare the performance characteristics of the replay trace files to the original trace files.

The help file contains a Quick Start section that introduces you to each of the tools by walking through a brief exercise.  You can access the help file by going to Start | Programs | RML Utilities for SQL Server and selecting RML Help.xps.


To download the RML Utilities for SQL Server, visit the following Microsoft Web site:


RML Utilities for SQL Server (x86) -  http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=7EDFA95A-A32F-440F-A3A8-5160C8DBE926&displaylang=en

RML Utilities for SQL Server (x64) -  http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=B60CDFA3-732E-4347-9C06-2D1F1F84C342&displaylang=en


The RML Utilities have undergone integration work with SQL Nexus so we can provide SQLDiag, PSSDiag, SQLNexus and the RML Utilities to our customers.   For more information on SQL Nexus visit: http://codeplex.com/Project/ProjectDirectory.aspx?ProjectSearchText=SQL%20Nexus

Problems and Assistance

The utilities are provided as free downloads from the Microsoft Web site.  There is no obligation or guarantee that a fix or change will be made for a reported issue. Formal support is not available but an e-mail alias sstlbugs@microsoft.com is available for questions and problem reports.


Microsoft does not make any promises to external users. The RML Utilities help reduce the days to solution, minutes per incident and provide world class customer service.  Therefore, we will try to improve the RML Utilities as time allows.  If you encounter a problem collect the following information and forward to sstlbugs@MICROSOFT.COM.


  • Log file from utility (For example, readtrace.log, ostress.log, *.mdmp, *.out and others generated in the output locations.)

  • A compressed package (.CAB, .ZIP,…), with the files that you have to have for reproduce the issue filtered down as much as you can.
  • Clear description of the problem and reproduction steps.

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  11. Inquiring minds want to know… RML Utilities for Microsoft SQL Server Released RML Utilities for Microsoft


    [rdorr Jan 23, 2008] 

    We are trying to get the new SQL 2008 data types (DATE, TIME, DATETIMEOFFSET, DATETIME2 and Table Valued parameters) support added so you can use it with SQL 2008 as well.

    Note: You can trace a SQL 2000 or 2005 server and replay agianst SQL Server 2008 for testing with the current release.   You can also use the SQL Server 2008 Performance Warehouse feature to evaluate the performance as well.

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