Adding to the MIX

Unfortunately I'm not in Vegas, but I have been keeping up with the keynotes and some of the other cool stuff coming out of MIX 07.  First of is a really cool WPF mashup application from thirteen23 called mixMe which brings back the latest blogs posts and Flickr images that are tagged with MIX all with the amazing visuals you'd normally expect from the design house.

Next up (and not totally MIX related) is something that I've been hoping to see for a long while.  From the makers of IBuySpy comes Family.Show a fully functional geneology explorer that outlines best practices for designing and developing WPF applications.  The idea is to allow developers and designers to learn by borrowing, modifying and refactoring the code and best practices from this stunningly developed project.  As Tim Sneath has already said "this is some of the nicest-looking WPF code I've ever had the pleasure to see".  I wholeheartedly agree.  Go download it now!

Some of the bigger announcements from MIX however have got to be Expression Studio shipping, the extension of the .NET platform to the web client. 

Anyway I am going to try and live blog for a bit whilst watching the MIX 07 keynote.

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