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Hello RAP as a Service Community! Here is a brief description of a change we are making to the RAP as a Service dashboard.


The RAP as a Service Dashboard has a Top Issues area displaying the five top issues for the given technology. The Top Issues are identified for each RAP as a Service solution based on their frequency of occurrence and importance to resolve. The intent of the Top Issues area is to direct attention to the issues that should be resolved first. However, the placement of the Top Issues area in the bottom left corner of the dashboard did not leave enough space to display the full issue title.


Figure 1 - Original Dashboard


Changing the placement of the Top Issues

Given the importance of bringing attention to the Top Issues, the Top Issues area have moved to a more prominent location on the dashboard to increase its visibility and allow the full issue title to be displayed.


Figure 2 - New Dashboard layout


We received feedback from customers that the Issue Benchmark graph was difficult to understand. Therefore, we decided to let the Top Issues take its place. We are evaluating the benefit of reintroducing the Issue Benchmark in an updated version at a later stage.

Future enhancements to Top Issues

Going forward, we are sharpening the alignment of Top Issues with issues known to be the root cause critical situations with severe business impact. It is important to establish the appropriate sense of urgency around resolving such issues, while presenting information that quickly provides an understanding of why and how to resolve them. Moving the Top Issues to a more prominent location on the dashboard is just a small step in that direction.



We hope that this change makes it easier to for you to give these important issues the attention they need.

We welcome your feedback on this change on Please enter your feedback under the "Issues & Risks" category.

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