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Hello RAP as a Service Community! Here is a brief description of a new capability that we have just released.



We have received feedback from customers that they want a way to filter issues that are not applicable to their organization, to enable them to better focus on the applicable issues.  Customers were resorting to tactics such as marking issues as Resolved – even though it was not – to remove the non-applicable issues from the Active Issues view.  Subsequently, this prevented them from re-running the assessment, as another submission would reset the state of any unresolved issues to Active.


Non Applicable Issues

Customers will now see a new Not Applicable tab in the Issues page.  Clicking on this tab will show the guidance below.


Classifying an Issue as Not Applicable

When a customer user looks at the Issues page, a new Issue drop down will appear.


Upon changing the state of Issue, you are prompted with a dialog asking for a description of why you decided that this issue was not applicable to your organization.  This comment will be stored in the Issue Comments section so others will understand why this state changed.


After the issue has been marked as Not Applicable, it will appear in the Not Applicable tab.  Notice that the number of Not Applicable issues is always reflected in the tab title to alert or remind you of issues marked as Not Applicable.


The Microsoft Engineer

The Microsoft Engineer can view the issues that you have chosen to mark as Not Applicable using the Not Applicable tab but cannot mark any issues Not Applicable.



Not Applicable issues will still appear as they normally do in all of the reports generated by the Microsoft Engineer.  In the customer generated Excel report, the Not Applicable issues appear separate in their own tab.

The reports generated by the Microsoft Engineer represents Microsoft's point of view of which issues are applicable to your environment, while the customer generated Excel report represents your view. The Engineer retains the ability to include issues in the reports using the In Report check box.



We hope that this new capability enables customers to focus on resolving the issues that are most important to their organization, removing any roadblocks that were preventing them from re-running the assessment to get the most up-to-date view of the organizations environment.

What are you waiting for? Visit the Premier Proactive Services website, mark those issues that don't apply to your organization, and resubmit to get a more-up-to-date representation of your current environment risks!


We welcome your feedback on this new feature on Please enter your feedback under the "Issues & Risks" category.

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