RAP as a Service now supports additional languages



Support for new languages

We are excited that RAP as a Service now supports additional languages. We know there are many customers eagerly awaiting this major enhancement to their subscriptions. This blog post covers the specific details around what languages are supported, for which assessments and so on.


New languages

RAP as a Service is now available in German, Japanese, and Spanish for the Active Directory, Exchange Server and SQL Server assessments.

All existing and new RAP as a Service customers have access to this new capability.


What is localized?

The RAP as a Service website and client experience fully supports the above languages. Additionally, the content for Active Directory, Exchange Server, and SQL Server have also been localized. This means if you have a subscription for any of these technologies you can now experience them fully in German, Japanese, and Spanish.


Switching languages

Our website automatically attempts to detect your browser's culture settings and switch to one of our supported languages, if possible.

You can also manually switch languages via the globe icon in the website footer. Click the globe icon to view the list of available languages. Click a language to switch to it.


The Collector tool

The Collector tool supports the same languages and assessments mentioned above. The installer and tool itself auto-detects the language preferences of the operating system and switches to it if possible.



Adding support for new languages is one of the biggest improvements we've made to RAP as a Service. We hope those able to take advantage will enjoy a much better overall experience. Simply sign in and try it yourself.

We also know that there's a strong desire for us to add support for even more languages across more technologies. That's something we are constantly evaluating and will work towards as best we can.

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