Optimized Data Collection Experience


Faster, smoother data collection

Enjoy a faster, smoother data collection experience using our latest RAP as a Service Collector tool and content.


Checking for prerequisites

One of the most important elements of data collection is verifying all prerequisites are in place. This includes configuration settings or required software on the computer running the Collector tool, permissions and network connectivity and so on.

The Collector tool now has built-in prerequisite checking capabilities to streamline this process. These checks automatically run as part of the Discover step as shown below.


Troubleshooting prerequisites

New Prerequisites Details by Target and Prerequisite Details tabs have been added to the Troubleshooting Details dialog.

  • These tabs show the errors encountered and common causes.
  • We also include links to additional online guidance that goes into much more details as to what the errors are, common causes and guidance on how to resolve them.


Optimized for speed

Something else you should notice is that our collectors themselves have been optimized for speed. Careful review was done to identify the collectors that tend to take the longest to complete. We then looked for ways to optimize them to cut that time down as much as we can. Our assessments can still collect a large amount of data and so the overall time may still be high for some environments, however we've done our best to make this as streamlined as possible. This effort will continue and is something all subscribers benefit from each time they download and run the latest Collector tool and content.


Get it now

All the above is immediately available to all RAP as a Service subscribers. Sign in, download the latest Collector/content and go from there.

You can find details on how to upgrade to the latest Collector Tool here.

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