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Issues & Risks

The issues and risks identified during your assessment are core to understanding what was found, their importance, and what actions to take.

A new and improved Issues & Risks page is now available to all RAP as a Service subscribers. This blog post covers the new features and improvements.


Navigating to the Issues & Risks page

Use the quick menu from any of the assessment-specific pages to jump to the Issues & Risks page.


You can also use the Issue Overview area of the new Assessment Dashboard to jump directly to a specific severity's issues.



The first thing you'll see are what we refer to as drawers (as in a chest of drawers). We show key information about each drawer. You click on a drawer to open it and view the issues within it.

  • Each drawer has a severity which is shown via color-coding and text.
  • By default, you'll see the count of active issues versus total evaluated, per drawer.
  • Switch between "By Severity" and "By Tags" to view your issues from two different perspectives.


The details

Once you've opened a drawer you'll see the list of issues on the left with their details on the right. This is where you can review all of the details about the issues and risks identified in your assessment. This includes detailed guidance on the importance, recommended guidance and more.


Active issues show a severity color to the left of their title. Resolved issues show will show gray to the left instead.


Issues that originated from the Questionnaire include this special section that shows the related question, answer and additional comments. This makes it easy to know why this particular issue was identified.


Filters and search

Use this filter option to change what you see on this page. You can also search for issues based on their names and tags.


Downloading reports

Part of your RAP as a Service assessment includes reports provided by Microsoft to summarize the results of what was found. These reports are authored by Microsoft accredited engineers during the delivery phase of your assessment.

Once your reports are ready (normally communicated to you via an automated email or your Microsoft Technical Account Manager), you can download them via the Reports tab on the Issues & Risks page. One or more reports will be available with a Download option next to each.



This new and improved Issues & Risks page is available today. Please sign into the website and check it out. Reminder, if it's been a while since you last submitted new data, please download and run the latest Collector and content.

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