Protocol Content Previews and Errata

Important updates for developers about the Windows and SQL Server Protocols Documents

11/13 – Errata added for [MS-TDS]: Tabular Data Stream Protocol

Seven updates at In Section, PacketID, a new product behavior note was added. In Section, Collation Rule Definition, the first paragraph after the definition was changed. In Section, Trace Activity Header, the stream-specific rules were changed. In Section, XML Values, a new product behavior note was added. In Section, LOGIN7,… Read more

06/15 – 5 new issues for [MS-TDS], [MS-DHCPM] and [MS-SMB2]

[MS-DHCPM]: Microsoft Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server Management Protocol: In Section 6, Appendix A: Full IDL, “DHCP_6937_INFO_VQ” was corrected to “DHCP_SUBNET_INFO_VQ”. [MS-SMB2]: Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol Versions 2 and 3: In multiple sections, the description of the Signature field was changed. In 8 subsections in Section 2, Message Syntax, listed below,… Read more

12/22 – Errata added for [MS-DTSX2]: Data Transformation Services Package XML Version 2 File Format

Changes to the following subsections: Section 2.4, ExecutableTypePackage Section, ConnectionManagerConnectionManagerAttributeGroup Section, HttpConnectionAttributeGroup Section, PipelineComponentComponentClassIDEnum Section, PipelinePathType Section, SqlTaskDataType Section 5.8, SQLTask XSD Section, BackupCompressionActionEnum Section, XMLTaskOperationTypeEnum Section 2.9.2, BaseExecutablePropertyAttributeGroup… Read more