Protocol Content Previews and Errata

Important updates for developers about the Windows and SQL Server Protocols Documents

02/20 – Errata added for [MS-WSUSSS]: Windows Update Services: Server-Server Protocol

Two (2) issues corrected at In various sections, changed the namespace for the type attribute in the XML definition from “s1” to “tns”. In Section, GetAuthorizationCookie, corrected the code snippet…. Read more

4/18 – Errata added for [MS-WSUSSS]: Windows Update Services: Server-Server Protocol

Multiple changes throughout the spec due to code changes in Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 with [MSKB-3148812] and Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview: In the following sections, added the GetUpdateDecryptionData method: GetUpdateDecryptionData          Messages       GetUpdateDecryptionDataSoapIn       GetUpdateDecryptionDataSoapOut          Elements       GetUpdateDecryptionData       GetUpdateDecryptionDataResponse          Complex Types       ServerDecryptionData       ArrayOfServerSyncUpdateFileDecryption… Read more

Protocols Errata Mega Post

Last week’s release (2016-01-25) was a larger-than-normal one, totaling 42 separate Errata items across 22 different Windows Protocols specifications. Here’s a handy listing of the specs impacted by that release, along with the number of new Errata in that doc MS-ADTS – 4 ErrataMS-CSRA – 1 ErrataMS-DNSP – 4 ErrataMS-DRSR – 2 ErrataMS-ECS – 1… Read more