Protocol Content Previews and Errata

Important updates for developers about the Windows and SQL Server Protocols Documents

Protocols Errata Mega Post

Last week’s release (2016-01-25) was a larger-than-normal one, totaling 42 separate Errata items across 22 different Windows Protocols specifications. Here’s a handy listing of the specs impacted by that release, along with the number of new Errata in that doc MS-ADTS – 4 ErrataMS-CSRA – 1 ErrataMS-DNSP – 4 ErrataMS-DRSR – 2 ErrataMS-ECS – 1… Read more

08/17 – 2 Errata added for [MS-RSMC]: Remote Session Monitoring and Control Protocol

Two new Errata items added to: In Section, OnExitSplitScreen, added a description for the idStation element. In Section 1.5, Prerequisites/Preconditions, updated that the client makes a web service request to the server using the HTTP protocol over TCP port 80 to the endpoint IMultiPointCertificateRequest.  … Read more