Protocol Content Previews and Errata

Important updates for developers about the Windows and SQL Server Protocols Documents

11/21: Errata added for [MS-RDPEDYC]: Remote Desktop Protocol: Dynamic Channel Virtual Channel Extension

Two changes at In Section 1.7, Versioning and Capability Negotiation, clarified that there are three versions of the Remote Desktop Protocol: Dynamic Channel Virtual Channel Extension. In Section, Soft-Sync Request PDU (DYNVC_SOFT_SYNC_REQUEST), added Length, Flags, and NumberOfTunnels fields to the Length definition…. Read more

11/21: Errata added for [MS-SMB2]: Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol Versions 2 and 3

In Section, Algorithm for Change Notifications in an Object Store and Section, Receiving an SMB2 CHANGE_NOTIFY Request, modified the processing rules for change notifications:… Read more

11/21: Errata added for [MS-IRP]: Internet Information Services (IIS) Inetinfo Remote Protocol

In Section, R_InetInfoGetVersion (Opnum 0), changed MAY to SHOULD regarding the value that is returned in the pdwVersion pointer and modified the corresponding product behavior note:… Read more

11/21 – Errata added for [MS-FSA]: File System Algorithms

Two new changes at In Section 2.2, Status Codes, removed status code FSCTL_SET_SHORT_NAME_BEHAVIOR. Additions in¬†Section, FSCTL_IS_PATHNAME_VALID and Section, FSCTL_LMR_SET_LINK_TRACKING_INFORMATION…. Read more