Protocol Content Previews and Errata

Important updates for developers about the Windows and SQL Server Protocols Documents

9/18 – Errata added for [MS-OIDCE]: OpenID Connect 1.0 Protocol Extensions

Several sections in this document were updated to support a feature change due to KB 4038801, i.e., that the OpenID Connect 1.0 Protocol Extensions on Windows Server 2016 implement OpenID Connect Front-Channel Logout instead of OpenID Connect Session Management:… Read more

09/05: Errata added for [MS-MDE2]: Mobile Device Enrollment Protocol Version 2

In Section, CertificateStore Configuration Service Provider, the field descriptions for the CertHash’s  IssuedTo, IssuedBy, ValidFrom, ValidTo, and TemplateName fields were modified to indicate that the fields are not required:… Read more