Protocol Content Previews and Errata

Important updates for developers about the Windows and SQL Server Protocols Documents

03/20 – Errata added for [MS-KPP]: Key Provisioning Protocol

In Section 1.2.1, Normative References, the reference [MS-DRSR] was replaced with the reference [MS-DTYP]. Also, in Section, Processing Details, DSTIME format was replaced with FILETIME in the KeyApproximateLastLogonTimeStamp and KeyCreationTime table descriptions:… Read more

03/20 – Errata added for [MS-NCT]: Network Cost Transfer Protocol

Two issues at: In Section 2.2.1, Network Cost IE, updated the value for the Reserved field of Network Cost IE from 0 to 2. In Section 4, Protocol Examples, updated hex values for the Network Cost IE conveyed in a Beacon or Probe Response frame for the over data limit cost flag…. Read more

03/20 – Errata added for [MS-VAPR]: Virtual Application Publication and Reporting (App-V) Protocol

Three issues at: In Section, Response Body, the XML Schema was updated to reflect that the Packages and Groups elements are both optional. In Section 3.2, SetReport Details, text was added to clarify that the XML format of the SetReport request is an encrypted payload not otherwise processed within the protocol. Updated Section,… Read more