Bob Rosato: Sports Journalist, Road Warrior

//by Amy Sorokas


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a professional sports photojournalist?  To travel to sporting events around the country, documenting professional athletes at the top of their game?  Seeing one of your photos gracing the cover of a national sports magazine? 


Bob Rosato, Sports Illustrated staff photographer and Microsoft Icon of Imaging, does just that and you can get a fascinating, insider’s look at a month on the road with Bob as he raced across the country this past January covering college bowl games, NFL playoffs, and the NFC Championship game.  A photo gallery from Bob’s past month of work can be found here.


Where was Bob last weekend?  He’s was in Miami shooting his 22nd straight Super Bowl.



Bob Rosato’s Road Trip Diary

Bob Rosato’s Road Trip Photos

Bob Rosato

Bob Rosato, Microsoft Icon of Imaging

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