Photo Happenings in Seattle – September and Beyond

by Amy Sorokas /


Seattle is alive with many great photography related events over the next few weeks!  Hopefully many people who visit our blog can take advantage of these.  Our friends at Blue Earth Alliance and Glazer’s Camera have come up with a great idea – the Blue Earth Bash! And one of our own Icons of Imaging, Art Wolfe has an exhibit of his work from Travels to the Edge on display.


Blue Earth Bash - Sponsored by Glazer's Camera
Thursday, September 24, 6:00 PM


What's better than a block party? A block party where you can get your portrait taken by world-famous photographers, try out a variety of Seattle's best street food, groove to live music, and enjoy a family-friendly evening hosted by long-time Blue Earth supporters Glazer's Camera. The Maldives will be performing! You can find all the excitement on 8th Avenue, between Harrison and Republican in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood. Suggested donation: $20.00 and that benefits Blue Earth Alliance.



Art Wolfe “Travels To The Edge”

Through November 28, 2009



For the more traditional gallery experience, Seattle is lucky to have Art Wolfe around. Art is one of our Icons of Imaging and currently has an exhibit of his work created as part of his Travels to the Edge television series running at the Benham Gallery on 1st Avenue right across the street from the Seattle Art Museum (another great place to visit). The photographs from the far reaches of the Earth include nearly every type of landscape imaginable.


By the way, SAM has an exhibit of images from a well-known Northwest photographer worth exploring, Everything Under the Sun: Photographs by Imogen Cunningham. The exhibit showcases 60 photographs from Cunningham’s work from 1915 to 1973 and runs until next August.


It is a great time of year to explore and enjoy what Seattle has to offer on the photography scene.




Blue Earth Alliance

Glazer’s Camera

Art Wolfe “Travels To The Edge” 

Art Wolfe

Travels to the Edge

The Maldives

Benham Gallery

Seattle Art Museum




Microsoft Photo Community and Icons of Imaging websites:

Microsoft Photo Community Website Icons of Imaging


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  1. Wowreally nice program. I would like to be there!

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