“Women Empowered” New Website and Mini-Documentaries by Phil Borges

Borges Works with CARE to Raise Awareness

By Amy Sorokas /


Phil Borges, Microsoft Icon of Imaging, has a new website, Women Empowered, built in conjunction with liveBooks to showcase short documentaries Borges created for the organization CARE. The mini-documentaries highlight empowered woman and girls in the developing world:

  • Learning to Lead portrays the transformative power of education and leadership for girls and women,

  • Vigilantes de la Vida shows how childbirth can lead to heartbreak rather than happiness when adequate maternal health care is not available, and

  • Strength in Numbers illustrates how African women can turn tiny amounts of money into sustaining capital through village savings and loan programs.

Through the “Women Empowered” book, traveling exhibit and mini-documentaries, Phil has helped CARE bring these powerful stories to a new audience and he has used his vast documentary skills to capture new story about the developing world: one of inspirational women who are challenging the old ways to become catalysts for change in their communities.

Visit www.womenempoweredproject.com to learn more!



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