Video Capture on My (Next) D-SLR


The Nikon D-Movie Screening Room

by Amy Sorokas /


I recently had fun playing with both the Nikon D5000 and the Canon EOS Rebel T1i, the new D-SLR’s with video capture. They were only on loan, so I have yet to make the plunge and buy one of them for my own camera bag. The temptation is huge – it is so fun to have all the control of the D-SLR and with a push of a button use it for video capture. So much easier than having to get out the old video camera.


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Early this week, Nikon put up some of the great work that can be created when the video feature turns on and the photographer becomes something new. The photographer becomes a videographer and in some cases takes the next steps to become a filmmaker. It is pretty amazing what can be done and you can check out some great examples in The Nikon D-Movie Screening Room.



In case you missed it, Rob Galbraith gave the EOS Rebel T1i a serious spin before its release. The Nikon D5000 is reviewed at DP Review.



I hope I am not alone in my joy over having both still and video capture in my D-SLR. Well, at least the next D-SLR I add to my camera bag. If you have one of these amazing cameras, any thoughts on how much you use the video feature and what kind of creative endeavors it has caused you to take?




Nikon D5000

Canon EOS Rebel T1i

The Nikon D-Movie Screening Room

Rob Galbraith’s EOS Rebel T1i Review

Nikon D5000 Review from DP Review


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  1. Bobwyo says:

    Well, they’re apparently still hard to find and more expensive than the options you list, but have you considered the EOS 5D Mark II? There are some great videos posted using that one.

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