Music Can HELP Bring Your Photos to life

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Triple Scoop Music Provides Award Winning Music to Photographers

by Amy Sorokas /


My experience is – add music and people will watch longer. No matter what there is to watch, music makes it more engaging and if you can add award winning music as the soundtrack to your photographs, why wouldn’t you?


Triple Scoop Music is a premier licensing service that has photographers and videographers in mind. Four of our Microsoft Icons of Imaging have even taken the time to put together their own collections of tunes from Triple Scoop Music as the soundtracks to their work.

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Jerry Ghionis, Bambi Cantrell and Denis Reggie and Matthew Jordan Smith’s Triple Scoop Music Collections


Talking to Roy Ashen from Triple Scoop Music got me thinking. He asked me about how photographers choose the music to present with their work. We discussed what could happen if you were shooting a wedding and the music you decided to lay over the slideshow you present to the happy couple contained a song that reminded the bride of a dearly departed relative or perhaps even an ex-boyfriend rather than her very own special day. How do you recover from that?


Instead, choose high quality music that conjures the emotions you want and not those old memories. That is what Triple Scoop Music offers photographers and making sure you add the right music is a good lesson for anyone presenting their work. Take a look at Bambi Cantrell’s website as great example of how to put the right music behind fabulous images and make the whole experience of viewing them even more powerful.


Make the most of your images with music!



Triple Scoop Music

Roy Ashen’s music at Triple Scoop Music

Bambi Cantrell’s Website


Microsoft Pro Photo Community and Icons of Imaging websites:


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  1. Gary S says:

    I have to agree, TripleScoop Music is a very good source for getting music for your web site, slideshows, etc… I have purchased a few good tunes to add to my slideshows that I give to the bride & Groom.

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