Happy Earth Day!

by Amy Sorokas /


Happy Earth Day!

In celebration of Earth Day, I am personally hoping that the weather holds out here in the Pacific Northwest and I get a chance to take the camera out and get some shots of the beautiful spring flowers that are beginning to bloom everywhere.... 



In the spirit of the day, it was gratifying to see that our friends at Lenovo are noted by AZoCleantech to be the PC industry leaders in use of recycled content. Lenovo makes the W700 series mobile workstation PC, which is full of photography friendly options.  In fact, their green friendly approach to making their PCs and monitors allowed Lenovo to use more than 2.2 million pounds of post-consumer recycled plastics in 2008. 


Here are Microsoft, we take our environmental impact very seriously.  Our compostable cutlery and the Connector bus service make positive impacts every day. On average Microsoft recycles 141 tons of materials per month which is impressive for a company that houses about 50,000 employees on the Redmond, WA main campus. 


The Connector, a free Microsoft bus service available to full-time employees, eliminates approximately 800 vehicle trips and 32,200 miles of travel each day, resulting in the a reduction of approximately 3,800 tons of carbon emissions annually.  We also participate in some unique programs where Redmond-based cafeteria kitchens direct more than 1,000 gallons of used fryer oil to a Seattle area bio-diesel refinery each month.



Get out there and do some shooting and enjoy the day.




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