Earth Mosaic Project April 22, 2009


Record Your Piece of the World on Earth Day

by Jeff Greene /

Photographers around the world can contribute to an ambitious project that will attempt to create a photo-composite of the world on Earth Day.


The Earth Mosaic project started out as a wild idea to do something truly significant, involving photography. Something world-wide.


With the Earth Day momentum, the project had an idea, an aim, and a deadline. Now, they're asking for your help and participation. It really doesn't matter if you're hot-rod D3X or 1Ds Mk III pro-shooter, or a student with a 1.3MP cell phone camera. We all share this planet, and should contribute and share in creating this mosaic.


The success of the project depends on getting hundreds of thousands of images. Each one represents your tiny block of our life on earth. Even though you can't see your picture at first, you can see the result, and you know that you're part of that. Everyone is. Everything we do, affects our planet. Submit your picture. Ask all your family, friends, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, Flickr buddies; even people who aren't on those services to capture a piece of their world and submit an image. Everyone gets in. Let's make our pictures a commitment to do better for our home, Earth.

A Few Rules:

  • All images must be taken within the 24 hour period,local time, on 22 April 2009.
  • Set your camera to the correct Day / Date. Each image has to have readable EXIF, so we can check the date
  • You may send in more than one image taken on the day.
  • Only JPEG images, up to 500KB in size
  • Spread the word and help make the project as far reaching as possible.
  • All images must be uploaded by 30th April 2009.
  • By submitting your image to, you agree to license the image as: Creative Commons (Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike


Every attempt will be made to place each image on the map as close to the country where it was taken.  However, to allow an even spread of images across the map, this may not be possible.



Earth Mosaic

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