Phase One Releases Capture One 4.7

Phase One Releases Capture One 4.7

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Our friends at Phase One have updated the Capture One RAW conversion software and have introduced some new features:


The Enhanced Image Package (.eip file extension) permits packaging of a Phase One RAW image file together with the adjustment settings applied to the RAW file, with no changes to the original RAW file or re-arrangement of settings.
Ideal for photographers working with retouchers or pre-press, the .eip file format makes it easier to share adjusted Phase One RAW files and helps simplify image archiving and management.
The concept is simple and based on well known, proven ZIP technology (but without the file compression). It is possible to capture directly to .eip or to convert existing files into .eip files. The .eip format leaves the original RAW file untouched, so it is  always possible to ‘unpack’ the original RAW file and settings.

SUPPORT FOR JPEG and TIFF files as ‘Input’ Files
Many unique attributes of Capture One 4 have been available only for Phase One back users or DSLR shooters using RAW capture. With v4.7, JPEG and TIFF support has been added. All of the existing technology in Capture One 4 is activated for both JPEG and TIFF files with the exception of the Lens correction tools. Now, scans, or older archived files that are in TIFF or JPEG format can be added to existing work and adjusted using Phase One’s patented algorithms.
Note: For optimal image quality, it is still recommended to capture and work with images in RAW format.


Canon 5D Mark II
Nikon D3X

Capture One 4.7 is available now and comes in three versions: 4.7, 4.7 PRO and 4.7 DB.  Capture One 4.7 is a free service release to existing Capture One 4.x owners and Capture One 3.x customers can upgrade to a similar version of Capture One 4.6 at no extra cost.



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