Art Wolfe & Miss Aniela Part 2

by Jeff Greene /


Two weeks ago I wrote in an earlier post how we were quite fortunate to host photographer Natalie Dybisz (aka Miss Aniela) early last month for a series of photo events in Seattle and California . 


During that time, she was invited by Microsoft Icons of Imaging for a visit to his studio and  they took some time to discuss photography and to share their respective views, approaches, and philosophies regarding the art of digital imaging.


Art & Natalie - the Sequel

The first part is featured on Art Wolfe's blog site and the second part is now featured in the Video section of the Microsoft Pro Photo website.


If you would like to spend some time with Art Wolfe learning the techniques he's mastered in nature and wildlife photography, The  Art Wolfe Digital Photography Center offers a series of Field Seminars - the current schedule for 2009 is listed below and a trip to Antarctica in late 2010 was just recently announced...


Travels to the Edge Seminars

May 7-10   Big Sur, California Coast

May12-15   Yosemite National Park

May18-21   Zion National Park

June 4-7    Acadia National Park


Creative Session- Seattle

May1-3 (Plus April 30 evening reception)



For additional information, visit Art Wolfe's website and blog:

Icons of Imaging

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