Icons of Imaging Share Spirit of Community

by Jeff Greene /


Every now and then I get reminded that I am fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with some pretty cool people. The Microsoft Icons of Imaging program is FULL of them.


For example, we recently heard from Deanne Fitzmaurice and Matthew Jordan Smith about some volunteer work they’ve been doing with some very worthy causes and I wanted to share their respective stories because it deserves your consideration...


Deanne Fitzmaurice


From Deanne; she recently shared with me that she spent time with Do 1 Thing photographing homeless teenagers.


By the organization’s own description they “…are award-winning photographers, journalists, editors, designers, and writers who have come to together for one mission: To use the power of storytelling to shine an “ongoing” light into the many dark places that affect our most vulnerable children and teens.” 





And for Matthew, he recently visited the Heart Gallery down in Miami to contribute his time  making images of older foster kids to help facilitate their adoption.

Matthew Jordan Smith ©2008 Maria Dickerson



According to the Heart Gallery, its central mission is to “facilitate and utilize the power of photography to capture the individuality and dignity of children living in foster care, in order to advocate for their permanency, raise public awareness about their needs, and obtain support to help meet those needs.”

The efforts of Do 1 Thing and the Heart Gallery remind us of the power and impact of still images. Both organizations rely on images to carry forward a message of hope and caring for those in need, and because a portrait can make a real difference in the life of a child and family.






As Annie Leibovitz said in her most recent book At Work, “You may think that you can't compete with the barrage of images on television, but individual pictures have their own impact. You can study them. They remain.”



Stay tuned for similar stories about how the Icons of Imaging give back to their communities; more soon to come.



To learn more, please visit the sites below:


Do 1 Thing


Heart Gallery



Microsoft Pro Photo Communtiy Website




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