ASMP Seminars – 2009 Schedule


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Microsoft is proud to once again sponsor this year's tour of ASMP Seminars in the interest of helping photographers efficiently run their business and thrive in this challenging economic climate.  From now until the end of May 2009 we will be supporting the following seminars:

  • Get Your DAM Stuff Together  2  Peter Krogh
  • I Stink At Negotiating   Blake Discher  (see below)
  • Pricing and Negotiating  Susan Carr
  • Taking Control of Your Career   Judy Herrmann
  • What Do I Charge?  Susan Carr

Dates & locations around the US

Coming to Seattle...

I Stink At Negotiating  

Do you panic when you have to discuss money with a client? Do you talk too fast, ramble or sound indignant? Do you give in too fast to a lower price or broad licensing terms? Join Blake Discher for his highly acclaimed "Strictly Business 2" lecture on how to win jobs.


Blake will teach you the steps to become a top negotiator. This critical skill can change your business in the most profound way -- more and better work! Blake will walk you through real world scenarios, show you how to listen and talk to prospects turning them into loyal clients.



Seminar topics:
  • Learn how to prepare for a negotiation.
  • Researching the client.
  • Increasing your clout.
  • Listening skills.
  • When is it time to walk away?
  • The follow-up is critical.
  • $35.00—ASMP Member
  • $60.00—Non-member
  • $50.00—Professional Association member*
  • $0.00—Special price for students and faculty of hosting University
  • $20.00—Student*
Date & Location

3/24   Seattle (at Art Wolfe's Studio)   7-9pm


Other dates & locations around the US

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