WPPI Conference & Trade Show – Day 2.1

Big Numbers Mean Big Competition


By Jeff Greene /




Speaking of crowds...  the projected attendance was announced today and is expected to reach 12,000 registrations. That would be a record for WPPI and quite impressive, if accurate, in a recession.  The word on the trade show floor is that there are a lot of recently unemployed folks that are hoping to become "professional photographers". Lots of big purchases by newcomers, which is a boon to the imaging industry, but will significantly impact the competitive arena for existing photographers.


The point is that every photographer, veterans and rookies alike, are going to have to ramp up their marketing skills to be well positioned in their specialty to weather the challenging road ahead. Organizations like Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and the Associated Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) are proudly sponsored by Microsoft and both offer vast resources that help photographers succeed in business. Seminars on marketing, negotiating, pricing, and copyright are just a sample of the local seminars offered around the country.


In addition, PPA and ASMP are non profit organizations that work and represent ALL photographers in Washington, DC by advocating on our behalf before Congress on issues that impact our intellectual property rights and small business legislation.


Now, more than ever, I encourage you to join us at Microsoft and support the PPA and ASMP by visiting their respective websites and consider becoming a member.  The modest fees are a small investment that will yield huge returns for your business...





Professional Photographers of America (PPA)






Associated Society of Media Photographers (ASMP)


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