WPPI International Convention & Trade Show

by Jeff Greene /


WPPI2009_logo The Wedding & Portrait Photographer International (WPPI) trade association, along with Rangefinder & AfterCapture magazines, will present their annual educational conference and trade expo on February 12–19, 2009 at the MGM Grand Conference Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The WPPI Annual Convention & Trade Show has been a leading source of continuing education for over 25 years. This year, the WPPI Convention’s “World of Photo” kicks off the Vegas educational extravaganza with exclusive opportunities to learn from some of the best photographic instructors in the world. Over 130 WPPI speakers will present a week’s worth of choices in workshops, forums, and seminars to help diversify the business and creative needs of every photographer.


Microsoft is supporting the event through its’ sponsorship of Icons of Imaging Peter Krogh’s ASMP seminars and will have a booth at the trade show that will feature presentations by Matthew Jordan Smith, Bambi Cantrell, Denis Reggie, and Jerry Ghionis  - as well as demonstrations of Capture One 4 and Expression Media 2, our “Better Together” RAW workflow software bundle.



February 16-18, 2009

MGM Grand Hotel & Resort

Las Vegas, NV

Comments (4)

  1. leitz says:

    do you have a sched of booth events?

  2. Mark says:

    Just checking to see the schedule of events at the microsoft booth.  Will Jerry Ghionis be speaking????

  3. 16x20 print competition rigged says:

    I just want to make people aware of the things I witnessed in the 16×20 bride and groom print competition.  First of all, I dont think its fair to have judges submit prints if they are in the same category they are judging.  I witnessed Susan Stripling degrade everyones print in the grading and when it was time for her grading, she stood up but she made sure her friend judges would give a good grade.  Her one picture was given a final grade of 85 and Jesh de Rox was honest with his grade and the other judges over powered him with having a rejudge on her print.  She then got a 90 after that.  She was given 5 extra points!  And the Debbs prints was also rejudged.  How unfair to know your score ahead of time and then have it changed.  I think this print competition is so rigged and I am going to put so much energy into making sure everyone that submitted prints knows what happened because there was so many beautiful prints that were way better then hers!  And she made sure that they would not have a higher score.  I will never submit pictures again because of this.  If you are going to have judges, then they should be people with no connections!

    There needs to be an investigation.  She won two awards and also she was the judge. Go figure!

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