The longest Day – Episode 4

By Jeff Greene /



The tension mounts as both teams attempt to get their respective video projects off the ground and into production.  Just when you think Team A is making progress, they hit a snag. Will they ever make it out of that board room?   Meanwhile, Team B is still on the hunt for the perfect costumes….


Watch for the Secret Code!

In this week’s episode of the show, there is a 5-digit discount code that will appear in the upper-left corner of the credits at the end... Write it down and can you use that code with to get some great discounts on products from series sponsors Microsoft, Triple Scoop Music, and Photographers Edit.


Microsoft Expression Media 2:  Use the code for a 50% savings on the “Better Together” software bundle of Capture One 4 and Microsoft Expression Media 2 (a $100 savings). Available for both Windows and Mac, Capture One 4 and Microsoft Expression Media 2 provide photographers with an accelerated, intuitive, and flexible RAW processing workflow solution. Excellent color and tonal values, easy photo asset management. Better TogetherClick here.



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The Longest Day

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