The Lenovo W700ds

The World’s First Dual Screen Laptop

by Jeff Greene /


Lenovo has announced the release of the new ThinkPad W700ds mobile workstation, the first mobile workstation in the industry with dual screens.


Building a mobile workstation with an extra monitor screen combines a new balance of unique design and complex engineering with unparalleled performance, thus providing photographers the ultimate mobile workstation.


Because many desktop users typically work with two monitors, Lenovo designed the ThinkPad W700ds mobile workstation with two screens to accommodate their workflow while on-the-go and eliminating the compromise of having only one display whenLenovo W700ds operating on the road. Measuring at almost 40 percent of the 17-inch primary screen, the 10.6-inch second screen gives users extra screen real-estate for palettes, folders and Vista Gadgets.


The second screen easily slides out from the PC cover behind the primary screen and it can also be adjusted by up to 30 degrees to fit a user’s ideal viewing angle. Amazingly, this unique feature only adds a few millimeters in additional thickness to the computer’ size.



Microsoft Icon of Imaging Phil Borges commented, “The Lenovo ThinkPad W700 is the ultimate in portable workstations for photographers. The built in calibration and the ultra bright monitor make it possible for me to do work on the road that I would normally have to wait to do in the studio. The W700's two built-in hard drives make backing up photos while I'm on the road or in the studio a snap. Normally the process takes me a couple of hours, but with the W700 backup time is cut in half. Now the new ThinkPad W700ds takes it one step further with a second screen that allows me to move all my working palettes to the second screen and gives me more real estate on the main screen for photo editing.”


For more information visit the Microsoft Photo Laptop Project at




UPDATE 1.15.09: Check out the blog featuring Microsoft Icon of Imaging Bambi Cantrell’s demo of the Lenovo W700ds at CES 2009.


UPDATE 1.16.09: Read Eric Lai’s review on the PC World website and Andrew Nusca’s detailed review on ZDNet’s ‘The Toy Box’ blog.




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  1. This is, without a doubt, a huge step in the direction of a new age of portable computer!

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