Microsoft Icon of Imaging Reed Hoffmann

“Surprise Me”


By Jeff Greene /



Reed Hoffmann ©Kevin Gilbert Our good friend and Microsoft Icon of Imaging Reed Hoffman is profiled by writer Mark Lapin in a new article posted on the Microsoft Pro Photo website



Reed discusses his award-winning career and explains how life’s surprises, making the best of fortunate circumstances, and being in the right place at the right time all contributes to a successful career as a visual story teller.


In addition to his career as a photojournalist, Reed also shares his knowledge by leading workshops and photo tours through Blue Pixel, a company he co-founded with photographer Kevin Gilbert.

Joe Carter ©2008 Reed Hoffman


"Teaching has been extremely rewarding, especially with digital photography," he says in the article.


"With a few tips and a little explanation of what's going on with the camera, people can progress so quickly. Every trip I've been on, people come back with some wonderful pictures, regardless of their experience level."


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