The Peace Caravan Project

by Jeff Greene /




The Peace Caravan Project is an ongoing collection of images by photographer Marla Mossmann that aims to “nourish the principles of international co-operation, exchange cultural values, share understanding of the environment, and foster the equality of all peoples including women and children.”


MapMossman and her Peace Caravan Project are traveling from Jerusalem, Israel to X’ian, China by car, foot, horse, mule and camel to document places of historical and religious significance mentioned in the Bible, the Torah, the Koran and the Veda’s. In a quest to explore her heritage and spirituality and the connection to Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam she has already taken four expeditions to photograph India, Turkey, Afghanistan and the Middle East countries of Syria, Jordan and Israel.


Fully supported by the New York Foundation for the Arts and voluntary contributions, Mossman’s photos capture the people along her journey reminding us that, though we have differences, we all share the same fears, hopes and dreams in our daily lives.


Whether viewed on the website gallery or on display in the exhibitions; the Peace Caravan endeavors to inform and inspire others to achieve understanding, tolerance, and acceptance.


To view the Peace Caravan Project in it's entirety, visit the website at:

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