Digital Railroad De-railed

Digital Railroad Jumps the Tracks

By Jeff Greene /


DRR Screen

This announcement from Digital Railroad was posted on the  site today recommending immediate action for member photographers:


We're sorry to inform you that Digital Railroad (DRR) has shut down. On October 15th we reported that the company had reduced its staff and was aggressively pursuing additional financing and/or a strategic partner. Unfortunately, those efforts were unsuccessful. Therefore Digital Railroad has been forced to suspend all operations. This archive may only be accessible for the next 24 hours.


The Stock Artists Alliance had this comment in an email earlier today:

The SAA recommends that any photographer with a DRR archive act without delay to:

  • Ensure that all of your files and data are backed up.
  • Download all details of licenses made with outstanding royalties due.
  • Download a list of all registered users who have accessed your Archive.
  • Check that any monthly or annual fees do not continue to be billed to your credit card.

SAA is greatly concerned about the status of outstanding royalties due to photographers from DRR's Marketplace stock portal, as well as the manner in which this closure has been handled, giving loyal customers no reasonable advance warning or support. We will continue to monitor the situation and try to assist in any way we can on behalf of photographers.



According to Phillip Demanczuk, a nature photographer based out of Reno, NV, PhotoShelter,  a competing online storefront and archive has reportedly made offers to migrate the entire collections of current Digital Railroad subscribers over to their service.  More details to follow….

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