Photokina Press Day

by Jeff Greene /

Press Day here at Photokina which means we’re putting the finishing touches on the Microsoft booth, briefing the staff, and fine-tuning the demo stations that will showcase the Microsoft digital imaging products I mentioned yesterday.


Microsoft Event Coordinator Liz Bennett briefs the Microsoft troops..

Elsewhere in this absolutely massive complex (think of the BIGGEST convention hall you’ve ever been in – and multiply by ten.  Not kidding, it’s that huge…), there were some very newsworthy announcements and expectations:

Kodak is here in a BIG way with a 42,000 sq ft booth and announced their revolutionary KODAK OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) wireless digital picture frame, which displays images and videos in sharp, bright colors viewable from a full -degrees on either side.

Leica Camera AG introduced the Leica S2, a new digital SLR camera  for professional photographers that offers the high quality optics and craftsmanship that Leica is known for, but now coupled with a 37MP sensor that is over 50% larger than a 35mm frame. Stunning images…









Lensbabies has announced a new line of selective focus lenses dubbed The Muse, The Control Freak, and The Composer,The first two replace the existing Lensbaby 2.0 and Lensbaby 3G. The Composer is new to the line and uses ball and socket technology for composing and focusing.  This allows photographers to creatively focus and then shoot hands-free with greater control (and less hand cramping). I going to pick up one of these as my “trade-show treat”.






Adobe has announced major unveiling tomorrow (Oct. 23) at 9am Eastern.  Although the release of Photoshop CS4 is the expected news, our booth is directly across the aisle from theirs and it has been heavily shrouded all day… so, based on a little Intel, I’m expecting something more….

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Photokina officially opens tomorrow and runs from September 23-28.


Microsoft booth almost finished and ready for the Photokina crowds…


Samsung Booth



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  1. gcoupe says:

    I hope that you will be blogging about the "Guidelines of Handling Image Metadata" that was released yesterday at Photokina by the Metadata Working Group.


    Thanks, Geoff Coupe

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