A Laptop for Photographers

Introducing the Lenovo W700

by Jeff Greene /

Lenovo W700 blue

Finally…. a laptop PC that makes no compromises in performance and offers features for serious photographers that want the best in portable digital imaging workflow.


Lenovo has announced the ThinkPad W700, a Windows-based laptop PC with a high quality 17 inch screen ideal for photographers and graphic professionals.  The laptop is available in a 32 bit or 64 bit configuration and is the result of a lengthy collaboration between Lenovo and Microsoft’s Rich Media Group to include many innovations that will distinguish it from it’s competitors, particularly the Apple MacBook Pro.



- Quad Core Extreme CPU, 1GB Nvidia Quadro FX 3700M GPU,


- Two 320GB, 5400 RPM internal hard drives (Three if you want to swap out the optical drive)
- 950GB of storage.
- Better security through redundancy with RAID 0, optional 3rd drive in optical bay.
- Very high Vista Experience Index score of 5.9



- Built-in X-Rite Color Calibrator
- Built-in 3” x 5” Wacom tablet

- 17 inch CCF 1920 x 1200 400-nit WUXGA display with a 72 percent wide color gamut for unsurpassed bright and accurate color



- Nvidia Quadro FX 3700M with 1GB of VRAM

- VGA, Dual-Link DVI and DisplayPort external display connectors

- Five USB2 ports

- A 4-pin FireWire port

- Built-in CF and SD readers

- Built in webcam


The Lenovo W700 is expected to go on sale September 2, 2008 and will retail between $3000 - $6000 depending on options and feature configurations. It will be available through Lenovo Business Partners and www.lenovo.com .


For additional information about the Lenovo W700 and Microsoft’s continuing efforts on the Photo Laptop Project, please visit http://www.photolaptop.com .




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