Microsoft Pro Photo Summit – Day 2.2


by Jeff Greene /

Photographer Marketing Tips  / Skip Cohen


Skip Cohen is the President of Rangefinder Publishing and the Director of Wedding & Portrait Photographers International.  He had these ten marketing tips for professional photographers during his presentation at this morning’s session of the MS Pro Photo Summit .

1) Be Aggressive
2) Diversify
3) Look for new resources for finding customers
4) Pay attention to your primary message - don't let it get lost
5) Look for new promotional partners
6) Build your brand
7) Pay attention to your website
8) Use your own work for your holiday cards and stationary
9) Look for new promotional opportunities
10) Stay on top of technology



This is a very short synopsis of Skips’ normal four-hour presentation.  For the complete program check the Rangefinder and WPPI websites for upcoming programs, workshops, and seminars. WPPI will be held February 12-18, 2009 in Las Vegas.

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