Ansel Adams and Yosemite

Photocycle Podcast on FastCompany.TV

By Jeff Greene /

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Photocycle is a new, professionally produced podcast that recently premiered on FastCompany.TV 

In the impressive 18-minute first episode, host Mark Silber interviews Michael Adams, son of the legendary photographer, Ansel Adams. Michael provides a unique insight about Ansel's process, workflow and his joy of being a photographer.

In rare unreleased footage, we hear directly from Ansel Adams himself about how to make a great photograph.  As a bonus, the piano music in the background is performed by Ansel, who initially studied music before making the epic career switch to photography. Whew..

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  1. David Hobby says:

    THanks for this, Jeff! I actually spoke to Adams on the phone as a starry-eyed young teen. Just called him up, in Carmel, CA. Wasn’t even smart enough to know how forward I was being.

    He was very kind and spoke to me for a bit. I am both embarrassed and glad that I did it.

    Our paper was a hard-core photo paper when I was a teenager and stringing there. Upon Adams’ death, we ran three pages of his most notable work, including a six-column Moonrise, Hernandez, Mew Mexico on the front of the Life section.

    -David Hobby

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