The Ultimate Video Relay

- by Jeff Greene /

Write. Shoot. Vote. Win.
Create the Ultimate Story.


The Ultimate Video Relay is a collaborative short film competition that challenges young filmmakers to continue and complete a three-act short film started by Kyle Newman, the award-winning director of "Fanboys". Act 1 of "The Cube" is currently on line and can be viewed at


Here's how it works: Pick up where Kyle left off and submit your script for Act 2; ...and later in the contest, for Act 3.

Viewers will determine which scripts will become finalist videos. Each finalist will then be provided with all the tools they need to film their winning script. This includes Sony HDR-SR11 camcorders, Falcon laptops with Vista Ultimate, and Pinnacle editing software. Once those videos are posted online, the community will vote to determine the winning Ultimate Video Relay.


Enter the Ultimate Video Relay contest today and be a part of a great story.

Comments (3)

  1. t says:

    this is a huge ripoff of Root clip and everyone knows it!

  2. anonymous says:

    Hey Photo team at MS, please clarify whether HD Photo is licensed under the Open Specification Promise or not. It is still not listed in the OSP licensing page.

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