World Pinhole Photography Day

- by Jeff Greene


The last Sunday of every April is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day and this year that date falls on April 27th. The day is set aside each year to celebrate the wonders of images created by pinhole camera or, camera obscura. The WPPD site offers plenty of information regarding the history, technique, and construction of pinhole cameras. It also has a gallery where photographers can upload their photos and view others' work from around the world. The only stipulation is that photographs must be created with a lensless camera on April 27th, 2008.


Pinhole cameras can be constructed from most any container that can be made light-tight. Cameras have been fashioned from oatmeal boxes, pringle cans, large trucks, and even an airplane hanger!. It's photography at it's most basic and a welcome respite from today's high-tech gadgetry.


If you missed this years event, the next Worlwide Pinhole Photography Day is April 26, 2009.

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