Icon of Imaging Denis Reggie Shoots 5th Consecutive Today Show Wedding

Denis Reggie, a Microsoft Icon of Imaging and Canon Explorer of Light, has had a brilliant career shooting weddings, and done so by letting the story be told as it unfolds.  'Wedding Photojournalism' as he coined it lets the photographer tell the story in a documentary style without posing, prompting or fictionalizing the events.  Denis was also recently voted as one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world by American Photo magazine.  Many of his clients are well known people in the entertainment, Fortune 500, and political industries and as such his images have been published in publications such as the New York Times, Life Magazine, Time, People, among many others.  In recent years, Denis has had an annual photo shoot that differs from all of the others.


5 years ago, Denis was contacted to do a different type of job which was to shoot the live wedding that NBC's Today Show does each October.  Today was Denis' 5th year in a row shooting this event and he has loved each and every one of them. "The people at the Today Show have always been so kind and helpful for this event.  It's been my pleasure to do this for the last 5 years" says Reggie.  In talking with Denis, this shoot is so different than others because of the television production aspect. "In the weddings I normally shoot, I am able to move around the entire event and have the lead in terms of the photography and videography if there is a videographer at all" says Reggie. "But in this case, there are live television cameras with a great deal of lighting which means we have to be more selective in our location, which creates a unique set of challenges, and also makes it different and fun."


New to this year was working with MSNBC.com to stream the images live as they were being shot.  A group from MSNBC.com was live on location and were taking images from Denis' cards and publishing them on the Today Show website gallery.  To read more about the live Today Show wedding click here.  To go directly to the gallery containing Denis' images, click here.


by Mike Tedesco

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