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Here’s a cool new site that let’s you easily fabricate MTV-like music videos from your favorite images.  Animoto provides a free 30 second video of 12-15 images set to the beat of music.  However, other than the option of choosing your own tunes, there is very little creative control offered,  You simple upload the photos, upload your music (or choose a 30 second cut from the Animoto “Music Lounge”) and it does the rest. It’s actually quite impressive with its unique transitions that match the beat of the music.  There is a “Remix” and “Edit” button that allows you to re-do the video if you don’t like the first version Animoto spits out.  No two videos are ever alike…


Here’s a sample of some pictures from Korea that took just a few minutes to set-up…



Link to “Heart & Seoul” video


Pretty cool, right?  The 30 second shorts are free, but full length videos can be be purchased for $3 each, or $30 for an All-Access Pass which allows unlimited full length videos for a year.  The length of the video will depend on the number of pictures submitted and the duration of the song. 


See ‘ya in the movies….

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