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 Microsoft Theater at Photoshop World

-by Jeff Greene /


I have just returned from another impressive Photoshop World presented by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.  This event for all Photoshop enthusiasts is held twice a year in the Spring (East Coast) and in the Fall (West Coast). I had intended on posting while on the road, but there was so much activity that I could never seem to find the time or energy.   We had three speakers, Tim Grey, and Microsoft Icons of Imaging Colin Finlay and Peter Krogh, who each delivered unique and informative presentations at the Microsoft Tech Expo Theater.


Tim Grey gave another one of his great Photoshop tutorials on advanced selection techniques that are new in Photoshop CS3 and also gave away some great prizes. To see a five-minute video, click below: 


Video: Photoshop CS3 Masking -Tim Grey


Peter Krogh's seminar, "Get your DAM Stuff Together!" was a call to action for attendees to get serious about organizing and archiving their digital images.  Peter also shared  some insight on how he is aproaching the challenges of his current project of converting all of his negatives to digital files. Quite daunting and time-consuming, but well worth the effort to preserve family memories.


Documentary photojournalist Colin Finlay  presented "Testify, Images From Rwanda to Madison Avenue". This collection of photos spans the emotional gamut from the horrors of Darfur to the commercialism of advertising.  A compromise perhaps, but one that Colin accepts as a condition for being able to educate the public about critical social issues that affect millions of people around the world.  I closed things out with a Windows Vista Workflow seminar that highlited key features of Vista, Windows Photo Gallery, and Expression Media.


Photoshop World is a three day gathering of Photoshop enthusiast from around the country.  There were over three-thousand attendees last week that spent most of their time in one-hour sessions with the best and brightest Photoshop experts in the world.  A wide range of topics were covered for every skill level ranging from beginner to advanced.  There were also a number of pre-conference workshops that were designed to allow an entire day to explore a specific topic in depth. In addition to all the training, there was also some fun with an exciting opening ceremony, a great after-hours party, plenty of shenanigans at "Midnight Madness", and thousands of dollars worth of prizes given away a the closing ceremony. 


If you want to learn a lot of CS3 in a short amount of time, I recommend you make plans to attend the next Photoshop World event in Orlando, Florida sometime during March or April.  It's well worth the time, expense, and effort.


See you there....




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