Microsoft Icon of Imaging Phil Borges

Photographer Phil Borges 

-by Jeff Greene /


Social documentary photographer Phil Borges, who was named a Microsoft Icon of Imaging in July, was recently interviewed on CNN. The focus of the story is Phil's organization Bridges for Understanding and their efforts to foster communication between students from indigenous cultures with their urban counterparts.  Mentored by professionals, students create interactive photography projects that help them examine their own culture and gain insight on the lives of children with different beliefs and customs.


Watch the CNN interview:


To learn more about Bridges for Understanding, visit their website:



Phil was also a featured speaker at the prestigious TED Conference in 2006 where he discussed the vanishing languages and dialects of indigenous cultures, persecution of Buddhists in Tibet, and his efforts with Bridges of Understanding.


From the TED Conference / February 2006


The video can also be viewed by going directly to the TED Conference site.




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