Intro to Project Rome

Welcome to the Project Rome MSDN blog, owned and managed by the Project Rome team at Microsoft.

As the number of device, apps and services we interact with increases every day, it is becoming more complicated to be productive and get things done. With Project Rome, we are focused on providing the necessary toolkit to enable compelling new scenarios that revolve around the user – no matter what devices they are using. Project Rome is a platform for harmonizing experiences across devices and platforms, thereby driving app engagement by allowing developers to create scenarios that roam with the user across all their devices and light up at the right time, with the right context.

We are working on many exciting things and will be using this blog as a way to share our progress and communicate with developers and anyone interested in learning more. Until this point we have shared some details publicly and provided sample code through blog posts, GitHub, and other avenues – below is a unified collection of this material, and stay tuned to this blog for new announcements and releases in the future.



Blog Posts

Cross-device experiences with Project Rome

Going social: Project Rome, Maps & social network integration (App Dev on Xbox series)

Web-to-App Linking with AppUriHandlers


Docs and Samples

MSDN: Connected apps and devices (Project “Rome”)

SDK Samples:

MSDN: Web-to-app linking


Other Media

//Build 2016 talk:

MS Dev Show podcast:





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