My VBA macro from Project 2007 doesn’t work in Project 2010!

If you have a VBA macro that worked in Project 2007 and doesn’t work in Project 2010, here are some things to try. There are quite a few members from Project 2007 that are deprecated and hidden in Project 2010. Some of the hidden members still work as they did in Project 2007, some simply do nothing, and…

VBA Help: Use the Local, Offline VBA Help File

The online VBA Help for Project 2010 (and other Office 2010 products) is not published yet to — it has many missing members and topics. When you install the RTM release of Project Standard 2010 or Project Professional 2010, the local VBA Help file ([Program Files]\Microsoft Office\Office14\1033\WINPROJ.DEV.HXS) is installed just fine, but the default Project Help window uses…


RTM update of the Project 2010 SDK

The Project 2010 SDK download and the MSDN online release are both published, and the Project Developer Center portal is updated. They have the same URLs as previous releases: Project Developer Center: <– This is the place to start. All of the portal pages are updated, including the Videos and Webcasts page. SDK Online:…

Getting the Project Guide to show up in Project 2010

Hello, With the Project 2010 release, we have deprecated the Project Guide content. For the end user, this means there is no way through the UI to show the Project Guide. However, there is away to display the Project Guide through the OM. So if you have your own custom guide, you can still use…


Visual Studio 2010 Launched !!!

Developing, Debugging  and Testing your Project apps just got easier thanks to Visual Studio 2010.  Check out today’s launch activities at to get all the details.

Detecting Project Client Version

We have heard from a lot of customers that they want to block the Project Client from connecting to the server if it does not have the latest updates to install. To solve this, you can add one of the two VBA scripts to the enterprise global to check the client version. Both solutions are…


Canceling the Before Save Event

Hello, A good question came in yesterday; how to cancel the Project Before Save event in Project client: Public Sub GlobalApplication_ProjectBeforeSave(ByVal pj As Project, ByVal SaveAsUi As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)          Cancel = True       End Sub (For demonstration and simplicity, this event handler just cancels all saves. You would most likely want to add validation…


Version 2 of the Office Interactive Developer Map

Just got an e-mail from Jim that Version 2 of the Microsoft Office Interactive Developer Map was published today, by the Office Developer Center folks. The new version includes lots of new stuff (new products and new interactive links) – such as VS2008, Communications Server, Performance Point Server, Office Business Application (OBA) resources, and more….


Project Server 2007 – Project Server Developer Community Expanding

Leveraging the development aspects of Project Server 2007 spans a wide range of skills.  PWA customizations (ASP.NET), workflow development, line of business applications integration using the PSI, extending Project Server functionality using server side events, specialized reporting from the Project Server databases and experience using VSTO are all areas of discussion.  The Project Server Product…


Reading Assignment Enterprise Custom Field Values with VBA

Hello, There has been a number of people asking how to read assignment enterprise custom field values with VBA. In fact, we ran into this issue internally with our dogfood efforts and fixed it in SP1. So, if you need to get/set assignment custom field values, the first step is to download SP1: Once…