Project Server 2013 reporting database (RDB) schema reference

The attached Project2013Reporting.exe file contains a draft release of the schema reference for the reporting tables and views in Project Server 2013. To install the files, run Project2013Reporting.exe. The next release of the Project 2013 SDK download will also include the reporting schema reference; that will be announced here when the Project 2013 SDK update is published….


Where in the SDK are the Visio diagrams for the RDB?

The Project 2007 SDK download includes E-R diagrams of the major tables and views in the Project Server Reporting database. The Project 2010 SDK download does not include the Visio diagrams, although it does have the new RDB_Field_Selector.xls tool, along with the Project2010_ReportingDB.chm schema reference. You can easily create database diagrams by using either Visio…


You can use Project with SharePoint Composites, too

The Guide to creating SharePoint Composites includes a 73-page download that explains SharePoint Composites. To quote from the download, “A SharePoint Composite combines data, documents, and business process in a useful, productive way. … A SharePoint Composite is a ‘do-it-yourself’ business solution.” The SharePoint Composites.docx handbook includes a detailed introduction along with common design patterns…


Project Server Cache Synchronization

Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 and Microsoft Project Server 2010 internally manage cache synchronization by tracking revisions to major entities such as projects and maintaining records for deletions of those entities. Although the Draft, Published, and Archive databases in Project Server are not documented, and direct access to those databases is not supported, a basic…


ANNOUNCING: Project 2010 TechCenters on TechNet refreshed

It’s our pleasure to present you refreshed versions of our one-stop technical resources related to ·        Upgrade and Migration to Project 2010 – ·        Business Intelligence for Project 2010 –   These centers are part of the Project Server 2010 TechNet TechCenter and their concept is to collect relevant information in one…


Identifying Surrogate Timesheets in the Reporting Database

When we shipped Project Server 2007 we made sure that timesheet data was readily available to query in the Reporting Database, however one thing that we didn’t do was make it super easy to spot a surrogate timesheet (defined as a timesheet entered on a team member’s behalf by another Project Server user who has…


New SQL Reporting Services Sample Reports for Project Server

Hello, Christophe just released the reports that ship with the updated EPM 2007 VPC: Chris Technorati Tags: Project Server,Reporting


Connection Strings…

Hey, Here is a great post: It shows how to get the connection string to the Project Server 2007 Reporting Database (and the other three databases which are not supported programming interfaces). This is extremely helpful when creating PSI extensions. Just one caveat, this may break after a hot fix or service pack install….


Project Server 2007 – Project Server Developer Community Expanding

Leveraging the development aspects of Project Server 2007 spans a wide range of skills.  PWA customizations (ASP.NET), workflow development, line of business applications integration using the PSI, extending Project Server functionality using server side events, specialized reporting from the Project Server databases and experience using VSTO are all areas of discussion.  The Project Server Product…


Implementing My Tasks “Read Only Custom Fields”

Using Project Server 2007’s Reporting Database and SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 The attached report illustrates how to safely query the RDB to allow team members to see a read only view of task assignment data. We’ve picked a random task custom field to illustrate the concept. I’ve deliberately defined the report to use “drill…